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Dan Dousette 1921
From Herb Furniss
Anne Dissette Mahoney
Dissette son of Richard
George Joseph Dissette son of Thomas
James Mahoney Family
James Mahoney & his wife Anne Dissette Children listed from front row Mary Mahoney, b. 3 Oct 1874, Atherley, Ontario James P. Mahoney, b. 11 Dec 1875, Atherley, Ontario Margaret Ann Mahoney, b. 20 Apr 1877, Atherley, Ontario Sophia Mahoney, b. 6 Jul 1878, Atherley, Ontario Bridget Mahoney, b. 25 Sep 1880, Atherley, Ontario Elizabeth Mahoney, b. 14 Aug 1884, Atherley, Ontario Richard Joseph Mahoney, b. 19 Jul 1886, Atherley, Ontario Last Modified Edit
Jeremiah Dissette
John Dissett Buffalo
John James (J.J.) Dissette 1854-1935
Margaret Heslip Dissette wife of Thomas
Mr.& Mrs.J.Mahoney
R.J.Dissette & Robert Hoy,1870 at Harness Shop
Richard son Of John & Bridget Dissette
Thomas Dissett
THomas E. Dissette b. March 12 ,1839, Toronto, d. June 30 1910, Buffalo Ny
Toronto Dissettes
John Dissette
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