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Michael McDonnell & Margaret Moffatt
Mr & Mrs. Michael McDonnell of Emerson Avenue were at home to their friends yesterday (Nov20-1933) on the occassion of their fiftieth anniversary, (Mar. Nov 20-1883--St. Columbkille's -Uptergrove-Ont) They have resided in Toronto for twenty-five years. Mr McDonnell has worked for the city water works., for many years. Rev. Father McGrand celebrated mass yesterday morning in St. Anthony"s Church. Mrs. Peter Shorkey, of Ottawa, bridesmaid, and Martin O'Donnell, bestman, were present.
Catherine Ann McDonnell & James A. O'Connor
Catherine Anne McDonnell--dau.of Michael McDonnell and Margaret Ann Moffatt- born in Rama in 1891- she married James Crosby of Mara, in 1913-- they had four children. James Crosby died in 1920. In 1937, she married James Alexander O'Connor-- (shown in this photo)- they lived on Centre Road (Hwy. 69/169) Rama.
Mrs. Michael McDonnell (Margaret Ann Moffatt)
left back row- Nora Irene McDonnell b.May 15, 1893 RAMA Adelaine A. McDonnell, B. Nov. 24, 1895 Rama Mrs. Margaret Ann McDonnell (Moffatt) b. Dec. 24, 1866 Mara left front - Mary McCauley b.1911 Mara Patrick McCauley b. 1905 Mama These two McCauley kids survived the Brechin Hotel fire, Patrick & Mary. They were raised by their grandparents, Michael & Margaret McDonnell. Their father suffered from depression, and had little contact with the family following the fire
Mrs. Michael McDonnell (Margaret Moffatt)
1917 Back--Christopher McDonnell, b. Rama 12 Jan. 1898. Left Mary McCauley/McAuley--Margret Ann McDonnell (Moffatt)--Patrick McCawely/McAuley
Baby--Mary EILEEN Crosby B.1916
Michael McDonnell
Michael McDonnell---B.march 10 1856, Highland Creek, (Scarbourgh) Ont.-- raised in Rama, Con. 2, lot 15, son of William McDonnell & Ellen Mary Hayes, died 12 Dec. 1946, at the age of 90. He married Margaret Ann Moffatt, of Mara, in 1883. They had 7 children.
Rev. James Hayes
Reverend James Hayes (Hay), was born in Rama, lot 16, Con. 2. Father Hayes served in a number of Parishes in Southern Ontario including as Pastor of St. Andrew’s in Brechin from 1913 to 1920. ( b. 1875, d. 1936.)
Catherine A McDonnell
born in Rama, Con. 2, lot 15, July 1, 1891, daug. of Michael McDonnell & Margaret Ann Moffatt. Marrried James Crosby of Mara, in 1913. A widow in 1920, she remarried in 1937, to James A. O'Connor, of Rama.
moffat- mcdonnell
standing is Honora Moffatt, sitting with child is Margaret Ann Moffatt- (Mrs. Michael McDonnell)- baby on her lap is Catherine Ann McDonnell,(born July 1, 1891), the young girl on her left is Mary Ellen McDonnell (1884), and sitting in front is Margaret Rosetta McDonnell (1887
Rev. James Joseph Hayes
Martin McDonnell 1847-1929
Born in Ireland in 1847, the eldest child of William McDonnell & Ellen Mary Hayes, some of the pioneers of Rama. The family farm was on Con. 2, part of lot 16-- his father later aquired lot 15, where Martin raised a family of 11. He died in Rama in 1929.
Maragret (Moffatt) McDonnell
left Kate O'Donnell, right Mrs. Michael McDonnell, ( Margaret Moffatt), at Hydro Glen Station, Severn River.
Mary McCauley
Mary daughter of Mary Ellen McDonnell, & Thomas McCauley
Ken, Addie, Eileen Crosby circa 1937
children of James Crosby (1879-1920) and Catherine A. McDonnell (1891-1980)
Ken Crosby- Air Force- WWII
son of James Crosby & Catherine McDonnell, enlisted in the Royal Canadian Airforce, 1943- later transfered to the Army.
Kenneth James Crosby- WWII
son of James Crosby & Catherine McDonnell. Served in the Royal Canadian Artillery & Occupational Force. 1944--1946
Ken Crosby Wedding-
Kenneth James Crosby, son of James Crosby & Catherine McDonnell, left - Lieut. Patrick Dunne, Ken Crosby, Mary Dunne, Helen Dunne, Addie Crosby. -- Married Nov. 20, 1943, the same day as his Grand Parents-- Michael McDonnell & Margaret Moffatt's 60th wedding anniversary
Mary Culligan McDonnell, a daughter of Martin McDonnell & Margarert Culligan, born in Rama, in 1877, met Frank Gravellle in Rochester, NY, they married in Uptergrove, in 1902, and lived in Rochester most of her adult life.
Warrant Officer, Michael Patrick McDonnell
born in Rama, (Rathburn) in 1926, a son of Joseph Michael McDonnell & Mary Elizabeth Dudenhoffer, Warrant Officer Michael Patrick McDonnell drowned, May 8, 1968. In a routine training exercise, 22 paratroopers were blown off course and landed in the frigid water of the Ottawa River off the shores of Wegner Point. He was one of seven who did not survive, that night. W.O. McDonnell who enlisted in 1944, was one of the Forces' top jumpers and had 401 jumps to his credit. He was survived by his wife Helene and two children.
John 'Jack' McDonnell, a son of James Michael McDONNELL, and Alicia O'Brien--born 17 March, 1929- died 11 Sept. 2011. He was an interior decorator, working for Simpsons, Eatons and then self employeed.
Gravelle-JOSEPH FRANCIS "FRANK" (1882-1947)
Husband of Mary Culligan McDonnell
Mary McCauley, (1911-2000)
L-R: Leo Flood, Mary McCauley, (Mrs. Leo Flood), daughter Patricia Flood.
GRAVELLE, William Henry (1912-1987)
son of Joseph Francis & Mary Culligan (McDonnell)
Helen Rita Gravelle circa 1987
born 28 Feb. 1918, in Rochester N.Y., a daughter of Frank Gravelle & Mary McDonnell. Died 2 Feb. 2000, in Conewango, Cattaraugus, N.Y.
obit of Helen Rita Gravelle, (1918-2000)
born in Rochester N.Y., a daughter of Frank Gravelle & Mary C. McDonnell
Kathryn Adelaide Gravelle, (1907-1965)
born in Rochester, New York, a daughther of Frank Gravelle & Mary C. McDonnell.
Teresa Zephrena 'RENA' Gravelle, (1909-1991)
born in Rama, a daughter of Frank Gravelle, & Mary C. McDonnell
obit of Teresa Zephrena 'RENA' Gravelle, (1909-1991)
Wayne Rowan, circa 1945
son of Miles Rowan & Margaret Lillan Gravelle, born in Rochester N.Y. in 1927
Margaret Audrey ROWAN, (1929-1975) circa 1947
born in Rochester N.Y., in 1929, a daughter of Miles Rowan & Margaret Lillian Gravelle.
Moses McDonnell. (1848-1938)
born in Ireland, a son of William McDonnell & Mary Hayes, married Annie Duffy, 17 Feb. 1890. Most of his life he resided on Con. 2, Rama Twp.
Annie Ellen Duffy, Mrs. Moses McDonnell, (1869-1947)
2nd wife of Moses McDonnell, a daug. of Frank Duffy & Ellen Norris.
Joseph Michael, Viola (Mrs. Walsh), Rena Ann (Mrs. Mingo) & Bartley James McDONNELL
four of the 11 choldren of Moses McDonnell & Annie Duffy.
Margaret (Clarke), Marguerite, & Cornelius Murray McDONNELL, circa 1957
wedding day of Marguerite, to James Cooper, parents Margaret Clarke & Cornelius Murray McDONNELL.
Hanora 'Nora' O'CONNOR, Mrs. Martin McDonnell (1858-1935)
2nd wife of Martin McDONNELL, married in 1880. She is a daughter of John O'Connor & Margaret Connors
Martin Francis & Margaret (Clarke) McDonnell
Martin with his mother.
Katherine Ella (Mrs. Edmund McDermott), Aileen McDermott, Teresa 'Tess' McDONNELL
Ella and Tess are daughters of Martin & Nora (O'Connor) McDONNELL.
Viola (McDonnell) & Frank Walsh- 50th wedding anniversity.
Viola, a daughter of Moses & Annie (Duffy) McDonnell, married Frank Walsh of Warminister, in 1922.
Daniel Patrick McDONNELL, circa 1944
son of Stafford & Ann (McDONALD) McDONNELL
Ella (McDonnell) & Edmund McDERMOTT- OBITS
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