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Last Call
Main Street Brechin
Pitz Hardware--notice price of gas
Brechin Pub
Brechin GTR
Washago Station
Billy Wlye's Barn --Carden
Rama Municipal Office
No 7 Dungannon School
View from Carden Lift Lock looking south 1930's
P.D. McNasty
Flood 2008 Talbot Bridge --Carden
Flood 2008 Switch Road Bridge
McKann Homested
Sperian Farm
Think Spring
Little Owl
Spring---It's here--Sometime
Original Pilger Farm-- Coopers Falls
Windmill in Carden
Billy Wylie's Barn
Fogarty's Pond - meteorite landing
18 inch black stone -Football shaped --found by first pioneers in this area
Atherly Hotel
Giles Store Sebright
uptergrove train station
GTR Victoria Road
Victoria Road
Atherly Juntion
Longford Station
LOL Udney
SS # 9 Udney (the original)
Mud Lake School 1923
SS # 4 Uptergrove
SS 9 Udney (after Tornado)
Sebright Exchange
Sebright Exchange
Brennan Chicken Coup --School House ??
Brennan Chicken Coup --School House
Original Brechin School House 1840--1987
Brechin Skating Rink --mid 1950's
Carden #1 1947
Back Row Jarvis Burke, Betty McGee, Bill Fitzgerald Teacher-John Shay, Helen Burke, Claire Whalen Front Row Pat Fitzgerald, Marie Burke, Delores Fitzgerald, Yvonne Whalen, Ruth Whalen, Bernadette Burke
Coopers Falls
Rathburn-O'Connell Telephone share
Brechin Girls --1954--click
L to R (back): Elaine Harris, Nancy Lambert, Cheryl Dure, Caron Rockwell, Marlene Harris, Diane Graham, Sharon Turnbull. Front: Susan Jackson.  
Brechin Boys 1954 --clic
L – R Rear: Paul Fox, Bill Robertson, Bob Brown. L – R Front: Jack Gardner, Ken Madill, Jim Robertson, Doug Brown
Adams for
Adams 3
Furnis Barn -Raising of Straw Barn 1954--Cick
Harry Furnis --Russell-Grant and Earle Windatt---Bud Westcott--Jack MacDonald--George McQuegie
Harrington Barn Raising in Dungannen
Thanks To Gerarrd Lee
Thanks To Gerarrd Lee
Missing thumbnail image #2717
Thanks To Gerard Lee
Thanks To Gerard Lee
Flood On Black River
2017--Flood on Black River
Digging hi 12 thru Murphy-Moffett's hill
2-Digging hi 12 thru Murphy-Moffett's hill
3-Digging hi 12 thru Murphy-Moffett's hill
LOL Stamp Dalrymple
Brechin Mineral Water 1884[2]
Water and Grain out of Brechin 1895
steam fairy 1864 rama
mara 1873
miller motors playing cards (the back)
miller motors brechin playing cards
St Joseph's Black River
Original Black River Church
Couch County 1885
wasdell power plant
sorting jack lake st john
longford mills crew
Thanks to Fred Lamb
wasdell power plant
udney united church pt2
udney united church pt1
Kenny Homestead
Only In Carden ?? Think Spring
Udney General Store
Original Brechin Legion
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