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Lakeview Motel- 1967
Orchard Point, Atherley, 1908
Atherley Hotel, c. 1875
Charlie Myers Store, Atherley, c1880
Atherley Bridge
Atherley Bridge
Atherley Bridge
Atherley History
Atherley Arms Hotel --1967
Bridge Over The Narrows-c1934
Orchard Point Inn
Ruins of the first Atherley Grist Mill
Strathallan, summer residence of A. A. Allan, Esq.
The Steamer Islay passing through the Narrows
The steamer "Islay" was owned by Captain Charles McInnes. The Steamer was originally called "The Orillia". It is seen here taking passengers through The Narrows into Lake Simcoe from Lake Couchiching. They are probably going for a picnic to Strawberry Island, which was also owned by Captain McInnes. Picture and information originally supplied by H. Whitney. ( Circa 1895)
Atherly Church
Narrows----Looking to Lake Simcoe
Orchard Piont --right ------------Lake Simcoe ahead--Bert Harrisons Hotel --Right
SS#5 Mara
Whitney's mrked with X
Atherly Hotel 1870-- 1905
Atherly Hotel 1870-- 1905
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Charlie Myers First Store --Creighton Street
1Brian Trivan Luiguan Store--Same picture --Different caption
Whitney Homestead
Stearmer --Geneva
Kennedy Grist Mill --!850 1860
Ruins near Lakeview Hotel
Steamer Geneva
Simcoe Lodge Atherly--now site of Lakeview Hotel
Run by Oliver thompson and later by Minnie and Jack Thompson Sold eggs and fruit from the farm
McIssac Bar --Atherly Arms
C.W. Myers House, Atherley
Atherley Narrows
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