Simcoe, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 PENNY, Jessie Alexandra   I00280 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
2 Mulvihill, Julia Loretta   I00105 Mulvihill Family Tree 
3 Mulvihill, Mary Angeline   I00106 Mulvihill Family Tree 
4 HOLMES, Joseph Francis  18 Apr 1905Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00094 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
5 LEATHERDALE, Matilda Vivian  02 May 1904Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I17 SPEEDIE 
6 LEATHERDALE, Matilda Vivian  02 May 1904Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01141 BRUCE FAMILY 
7 Ritchie, William Maxwelton  29 Dec 1892Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01997 MacRae Family Tree 
8 WYLEY, Cecil Stanley  03 May 1886Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I281 The WHITE Family 
9 Marrin, Margaret  09 Apr 1882Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00049 Heslin Family Tree 
10 PENNY, William Andrew  12 Oct 1877Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00285 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
11 Pearase, Elizabeth Charlotte  03 Oct 1872Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00027 George & Marie Dudenhoffer Tree 
12 PENNY, Sidney Charles  26 Jan 1872Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00283 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
13 TENNANT, James Joseph  07 Aug 1867Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00189 GROVES Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 TENNANT, James Joseph  28 Jan 1958Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00189 GROVES Family Tree 
2 MAHONEY, Catherine Johanna  4 Nov 1946Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1111 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
3 STEWART, Robert Alaxender  29 Jun 1936Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01720 BRUCE FAMILY 
4 TUDHOPE, James Brockett  3 Feb 1936Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I1313 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
5 PARKIN, Charity  1 Aug 1934Simcoe, Ontario, Canada P203 Elder Family Tree 
6 McIntosh, Flora  06 Jan 1933Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00289 MacRae Family Tree 
7 McIntosh, Flora  06 Jan 1933Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01774 MacRae Family Tree 
8 FARRELL, John M  17 May 1930Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I2018 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
9 McRae, Isabella  24 Nov 1927Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01753 MacRae Family Tree 
10 MCINTAGGART, Jean Velma  27 Mar 1924Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I104 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
11 GATTIE, Anthony  07 May 1915Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00037 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
12 McIntaggart, Henriette Ellen  25 Oct 1913Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I02011 MacRae Family Tree 
13 McRae, John  09 Oct 1909Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00191 MacRae Family Tree 
14 McRae, Ellen Grant  30 Jun 1909Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00217 MacRae Family Tree 
15 Ritchie, Harvey  21 May 1907Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01988 MacRae Family Tree 
16 Graham, James  19 Jun 1903Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01633 MacRae Family Tree 
17 Lemon, John A.  May 1891Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I01610 MacRae Family Tree 
18 DUFFY, Mary Ann  22 Jan 1891Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I237 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
19 HOLMES, Mary Jane  1890Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00103 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
20 MCDERMOTT, Mary Ann  7 Jun 1882Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I652 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
21 McRae, Anna Nancy  Simcoe, Ontario, Canada I00176 MacRae Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GROVES / TENNANT  22 Sep 1928Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00034 GROVES Family Tree 
2 DENNE / CAMICK  28 May 1926Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F14 CAMICK 
3 CAMICK / MCKENZIE  07 Oct 1924Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F2 CAMICK 
4 GROVES / GREEN  21 Sep 1924Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00026 GROVES Family Tree 
5 DANTON / GROVES  21 Sep 1921Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00007 GROVES Family Tree 
6 / GANDAUR  23 Nov 1918Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F670 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
7 Mundie / Warren  31 Aug 1915Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F2 Mundie Family Tree 
8 Chambers / Snoddon  10 Apr 1912Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00008 Whittel Family Tree 
9 MCCRACKIN / WHITE  05 Jul 1911Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F86 The WHITE Family 
10 REID / ADAMS  15 Feb 1911Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F1 The Adams Family 
11 GATTIE / ST. ONGE  15 Feb 1911Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F458 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
12 Trenouth / Sutherland  28 Sep 1910Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00018 Trenouth Family Tree 
13 English / Hopkins  17 Oct 1906Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00006 Hopkins Family Tree 
14 Snoddon / Ross  27 Jun 1906Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00016 Whittel Family Tree 
15 Snoddon / Moffatt  24 Oct 1905Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00018 Whittel Family Tree 
16 Hopkins / Parker  04 Nov 1904Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00005 Hopkins Family Tree 
17 STEWART / F.WALLS  10 Dec 1902Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00421 BRUCE FAMILY 
18 BRUCE / REID  19 Mar 1902Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00290 BRUCE FAMILY 
19 Hopkins / Ego  10 Sep 1898Simcoe, Ontario, Canada F00004 Hopkins Family Tree 
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