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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cleaveley, Elsie Mae   I468 Cleaveley Family Tree 
2 McMillan, Kenneth Angus  18 Jun 1950Rama Township I02310 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
3 Cleaveley, Maud Lois   I466 Cleaveley Family Tree 
4 Cleaveley, Judy Matilda   I465 Cleaveley Family Tree 
5 Cleaveley, Harvey Wayne   I464 Cleaveley Family Tree 
6 Cleaveley, Nora Gladys   I463 Cleaveley Family Tree 
7 Cleaveley, Albert Marshall   I462 Cleaveley Family Tree 
8 Cleaveley, Mabel Leona   I461 Cleaveley Family Tree 
9 McDonald, Joseph Gerard  09 May 1936Rama Township I02361 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
10 McDonald, Gerald Angus  1936Rama Township I02360 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
11 Cleaveley, Leslie Wilmer  19 Mar 1935Rama Township I460 Cleaveley Family Tree 
12 Cleaveley, Ruth Doreen   I459 Cleaveley Family Tree 
13 Cleaveley, Wesley William  27 Aug 1929Rama Township I00450 Cleaveley Family Tree 
14 McDonald, John Clifford  18 Sep 1927Rama Township I02557 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
15 McMillan, Francis 'Frank' Leo Sylvester  1919Rama Township I02245 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
16 Carrick, Jessie  14 May 1915Rama Township I00376 Cleaveley Family Tree 
17 Davy, Myrtle Charlotte  22 Apr 1915Rama Township I00385 Cleaveley Family Tree 
18 Bethune, Duncan F.  1915Rama Township I02469 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
19 Davy, Cyrus Ira  16 May 1913Rama Township I00383 Cleaveley Family Tree 
20 Kennedy, Theresa L.  10 Jul 1912Rama Township I02583 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
21 Kennedy, Albert Hugh  13 Jul 1910Rama Township I02477 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
22 Hopkins, Annie May  10 Jun 1910Rama Township I00024 Hopkins Family Tree 
23 McDonald, Catherine Harriette  08 Oct 1909Rama Township I02256 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
24 Justin, Caroline Pearl  04 Oct 1909Rama Township I00254 Cleaveley Family Tree 
25 McMillan, W. Ambrose  11 May 1909Rama Township I02250 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
26 Hopkins, Alvin Lewis  20 Feb 1909Rama Township I00032 Hopkins Family Tree 
27 Bethune, Daniel   I00130 Tahaney Family Tree 
28 Bethune, Agnes Isabel   I00128 Tahaney Family Tree 
29 McDonald, Donald Norman  1909Rama Township I00386 Cleaveley Family Tree 
30 McKinnon, Clara Isabelle  22 Oct 1908Rama Township I00035 McKinnon Tree 
31 McKinnon, Ada Irene   I00025 McKinnon Tree 
32 Kennedy, Irene May  12 May 1908Rama Township I02483 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
33 Hopkins, Orvil George  17 Mar 1908Rama Township I00037 Hopkins Family Tree 
34 Smith, Michael Francis  12 Mar 1908Rama Township I03269 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
35 Hopkins, James   I00023 Hopkins Family Tree 
36 Kennedy, James  11 Nov 1907Rama Township I02491 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
37 Justin, Luella  10 Jul 1907Rama Township I00266 Cleaveley Family Tree 
38 McDonald, Andrew Joseph  21 Jun 1907Rama Township I02253 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
39 McKinnon, Hilda Mirian   I00048 McKinnon Tree 
40 Bethune, Joanna Marie   I00126 Tahaney Family Tree 
41 Kennedy, Alice Geraldine  22 Jun 1906Rama Township I02474 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
42 Hopkins, Mable   I00035 Hopkins Family Tree 
43 McDonald, Annie Mae  07 Jan 1906Rama Township I02485 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
44 Bethune, Joan   I02467 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
45 Smith, Charles Joseph  5 Sep 1905Rama Township I03268 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
46 McMillan, Alexander Miles  21 Jul 1905Rama Township I02249 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
47 McKinnon, Lillian Marie   I00060 McKinnon Tree 
48 Dunlop, Eva Isabella  29 Dec 1904Rama Township I00026 Dunlop Family Tree 
49 Kennedy, Anne Alma  04 Oct 1904Rama Township I02473 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
50 McKinnon, Margaret Ann Muriel   I00064 McKinnon Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Genno, Gladys  21 Jul 2001Rama Township I00016 Dunlop Family Tree 
2 Heavener, Harvey Andrew  16 Mar 1953Rama Township I00029 Heavener Family Tree 
3 Healy, Bridget Monica  11 Aug 1947Rama Township I00011 Heavener Family Tree 
4 Justin, Martin Henry  27 Dec 1934Rama Township I00251 Cleaveley Family Tree 
5 Bethune, Hugh  02 Sep 1928Rama Township I00146 Tahaney Family Tree 
6 Cade, Caroline  12 Jun 1926Rama Township I00252 Cleaveley Family Tree 
7 McInnis, Neil  21 Feb 1924Rama Township I00100 Heavener Family Tree 
8 Bethune, Angus Joseph  21 Feb 1920Rama Township I00142 Tahaney Family Tree 
9 MCNABB, William Henry  03 Mar 1917Rama Township I68 McNabb 2017 
10 Heavener, Charles  04 Dec 1916Rama Township I00010 Heavener Family Tree 
11 English, Mary  07 Aug 1912Rama Township I00103 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
12 Justin, Osburn  26 Apr 1912Rama Township I00268 Cleaveley Family Tree 
13 Hopkins, Bernard  03 Nov 1911Rama Township I00017 Hopkins Family Tree 
14 Justin, Caroline Pearl  12 Sep 1910Rama Township I00254 Cleaveley Family Tree 
15 Hopkins, Annie May  10 Jun 1910Rama Township I00024 Hopkins Family Tree 
16 McKinnon, Hugh  13 Mar 1910Rama Township I00050 McKinnon Tree 
17 Foster, Nancy  05 Jun 1909Rama Township I00256 Cleaveley Family Tree 
18 McKinnon, Clara Isabelle  07 Nov 1908Rama Township I00035 McKinnon Tree 
19 Justin, Luella  24 Feb 1908Rama Township I00266 Cleaveley Family Tree 
20 Cleaveley, George Russell  14 Oct 1904Rama Township I00033 Cleaveley Family Tree 
21 Justin, Edwin James  06 Jun 1903Rama Township I00265 Cleaveley Family Tree 
22 Heavener, William  15 Mar 1902Rama Township I00002 Heavener Family Tree 
23 Heavener, Mary Elizabeth  20 Dec 1901Rama Township I00032 Heavener Family Tree 
24 Reid, Margaret  30 Oct 1901Rama Township I00023 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
25 Campbell, Timbrel Miriam  17 Dec 1899Rama Township I00006 McKinnon Tree 
26 Cleaveley, Amos Gordon  20 Sep 1899Rama Township I00028 Cleaveley Family Tree 
27 McKinnon, John  25 Mar 1899Rama Township I00001 McKinnon Tree 
28 Dunlop, James  27 Sep 1895Rama Township I00001 Dunlop Family Tree 
29 Calderwood, Joseph Robert  14 Dec 1893Rama Township I00368 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
30 McCaughey, Mary  19 Nov 1893Rama Township I00839 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
31 Justin, Flora Agnes  26 Jan 1891Rama Township I00287 Cleaveley Family Tree 
32 McKinnon, Donald  17 Nov 1890Rama Township I00038 McKinnon Tree 
33 Bethune, Donald  02 Nov 1888Rama Township I00113 Tahaney Family Tree 
34 Heavener, Harvey James  07 Mar 1888Rama Township I00039 Heavener Family Tree 
35 Justin, Edwin James  06 Jan 1884Rama Township I00316 Cleaveley Family Tree 
36 Heavener, Infant  24 Jul 1883Rama Township I00063 Heavener Family Tree 
37 McKinnon, Duncan  02 Sep 1882Rama Township I00043 McKinnon Tree 
38 Lawrence, Thomas  10 Apr 1882Rama Township I00001 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
39 Preece, Emily  12 Jul 1881Rama Township I00071 Donald MacKinnon Family Tree 
40 Lawrence, Edward  30 Apr 1881Rama Township I00002 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
41 McDonald, Alexander  31 Mar 1881Rama Township I03051 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
42 Lawrence, Sylvestor James  18 Feb 1881Rama Township I00208 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
43 Lawrence, Mary  01 Sep 1870Rama Township I00232 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 McPhee / Bethune  14 Sep 1909Rama Township F00044 Tahaney Family Tree 
2 McMillan / Weir  27 Jun 1898Rama Township F00752 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
3 Parliament / McKinnon  24 Apr 1897Rama Township F00015 McKinnon Tree 
4 Bull / Lank  14 Sep 1892Rama Township F00170 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
5 Trenouth / Carrick  28 Dec 1887Rama Township F00002 Trenouth Family Tree 
6 Reid / McInnis  13 Mar 1882Rama Township F00022 Heavener Family Tree 
7 MacKinnon / McKinnon  1881Rama Township F00015 Donald MacKinnon Family Tree 
8 Boyd / Reid  20 Dec 1876Rama Township F00027 Heavener Family Tree 
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