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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Veale, Flora Gertrude  29 May 1901Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01875 MacRae Family Tree 
2 READ, Agnes Louisa  12 Sep 1900Ontario, Ontario, Canada P60 Elder Family Tree 
3 DANTON, Jessie Beatrice  29 Sep 1896Ontario, Ontario, Canada I621 Guindon (Yeado) Family 
4 DANTON, Jessie Beatrice  29 Sep 1896Ontario, Ontario, Canada I621 Guindon (Yeado) Family 
5 MACKENZIE, Margaret Elizabeth  29 Apr 1895Ontario, Ontario, Canada P43 Elder Family Tree 
6 READ, Lillian F  2 Aug 1887Ontario, Ontario, Canada P58 Elder Family Tree 
7 WHITE, Henrietta  05 Oct 1886Ontario, Ontario, Canada I248 The WHITE Family 
8 McDonald, Catherine Mary  04 Mar 1884Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01975 MacRae Family Tree 
9 Ritchie, Margaret  25 Feb 1883Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01990 MacRae Family Tree 
10 EDWARDS, Ethel Alberta  11 Jan 1883Ontario, Ontario, Canada I107 EDWARDS Family Tree 
11 EDWARDS, Edith Rebecca  11 Feb 1881Ontario, Ontario, Canada I79 EDWARDS Family Tree 
12 Donnelly, Arthur Patrick  25 Nov 1875Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01676 MacRae Family Tree 
13 Quigley, Duncan Frances  19 Oct 1875Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01907 MacRae Family Tree 
14 McRae, Donald Andrew  25 Sep 1875Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01688 MacRae Family Tree 
15 McRae, Donald Andrew  25 Sep 1875Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01921 MacRae Family Tree 
16 SHORT, Francis George  31 Jul 1869Ontario, Ontario, Canada I371 EDWARDS Family Tree 
17 SHORT, Albert William  31 Jul 1869Ontario, Ontario, Canada I367 EDWARDS Family Tree 
18 Boynton, Edward  1851Ontario, Ontario, Canada I02416 MacRae Family Tree 
19 KELLY, Johanna or Josephine  Ontario, Ontario, Canada I267 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 EDWARDS, Frederick Richard  11 Oct 1931Ontario, Ontario, Canada I113 EDWARDS Family Tree 
2 KELLY, John Joseph  14 Mar 1931Ontario, Ontario, Canada I1907 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
3 MALONE, Mary Ann  1929Ontario, Ontario, Canada I1848 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
4 JONES, William  8 Jun 1928Ontario, Ontario, Canada I1720 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
5 LOWES, Rebecca Sarah  13 Mar 1924Ontario, Ontario, Canada I300 EDWARDS Family Tree 
6 Casey, Harry Henry  04 Nov 1918Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01958 MacRae Family Tree 
7 SMITH, Agnes  20 Mar 1917Ontario, Ontario, Canada P54 Elder Family Tree 
8 CALDERWOOD, Mary  23 Feb 1915Ontario, Ontario, Canada P173 Elder Family Tree 
9 Vickery, Joseph  04 May 1914Ontario, Ontario, Canada I00095 MacRae Family Tree 
10 MC NEIL, Margaret  21 May 1907Ontario, Ontario, Canada I1872 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
11 KEENAN, Margaret Jane  May 1903Ontario, Ontario, Canada I329 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
12 DUFFY, Bridget Ann  29 Apr 1903Ontario, Ontario, Canada I1101 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
13 DOYLE, Timothy  20 Apr 1903Ontario, Ontario, Canada I2233 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
14 KNIGHT, Mary Eliza  24 Apr 1893Ontario, Ontario, Canada I285 EDWARDS Family Tree 
15 BROOKS, Michael  21 Sep 1892Ontario, Ontario, Canada I838 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
16 McRae, Christopher  Jan 1873Ontario, Ontario, Canada I01756 MacRae Family Tree 
17 SHORT, Albert William  10 Sep 1869Ontario, Ontario, Canada I367 EDWARDS Family Tree 
18 SHORT, Francis George  Aug 1869Ontario, Ontario, Canada I371 EDWARDS Family Tree 
19 McIntaggart, John  Jul 1868Ontario, Ontario, Canada I02002 MacRae Family Tree 
20 READ, George  December 26 1927Ontario, Ontario, Canada P55 Elder Family Tree 
21 CAMPBELL, Flora Ann  Aug 27 1902Ontario, Ontario, Canada P174 Elder Family Tree 
22 CALDERWOOD, David  Apr 13 1930Ontario, Ontario, Canada P182 Elder Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HUDSON / ADAMS  14 Feb 1918Ontario, Ontario, Canada F7 The Adams Family 
2 McRae / Leahy  26 Sep 1912Ontario, Ontario, Canada F00671 MacRae Family Tree 
3 DUFFY / MAHONEY  18 Oct 1904Ontario, Ontario, Canada F199 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
4 STINER / O'DONNELL  28 Jul 1903Ontario, Ontario, Canada F28 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
5 CAVANAUGH /   22 Oct 1902Ontario, Ontario, Canada F671 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
6 DUFFY / CLEARY  6 Oct 1899Ontario, Ontario, Canada F317 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
7 WHITE / CALDER  25 Nov 1885Ontario, Ontario, Canada F30 The WHITE Family 
8 MCLEAN /   26 Jun 1877Ontario, Ontario, Canada F00095 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
9 MCLEAN /   26 Jun 1877Ontario, Ontario, Canada F13 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
10 CUDDAHEE /   26 Jun 1877Ontario, Ontario, Canada F00016 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
11 CUDDAHEE /   26 Jun 1877Ontario, Ontario, Canada F9 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
12 MAYBERRY / WHITE  19 Oct 1875Ontario, Ontario, Canada F79 The WHITE Family 
13 HOLMES / HOLMES  8 Feb 1875Ontario, Ontario, Canada F100 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
14 / HOLMES  8 Feb 1875Ontario, Ontario, Canada F94 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
15 THOMPSON / EMERSON  24 Jul 1873Ontario, Ontario, Canada F547 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
16 EDWARDS /   30 Nov 1863Ontario, Ontario, Canada F119 EDWARDS Family Tree 
17 / GIBBS  30 Nov 1863Ontario, Ontario, Canada F140 EDWARDS Family Tree 
18 MALONE / MCNENLY  4 May 1859Ontario, Ontario, Canada F27 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
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