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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 HICKSON, Herbert  28 Jul 1934Ontario I065 Hutchings Tree 
2 CRONIN, Gerald   I1062 Moffat-Lambe Tree 
3 HUGHES, Donald Charles  28 Oct 1926Ontario I603 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
4 Williams, Hazel Maude Rakestrow  21 Jun 1921Ontario I572 Speiran Family Tree 
5 DUFFY, Johanna Margaret  31 Aug 1919Ontario I1930 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
6 Morris, Owen T  1919Ontario I39 Mulvihill Family Tree 
7 MCINTAGGART, Mary Alice  Abt 1919Ontario I105 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
8 FOX, Vivan V   I14 GORING Family 
9 DICK, Edith Doris  7 Mar 1917Ontario I056 Hutchings Tree 
10 BODDY, Lloyd George  Abt 1917Ontario I6808 Andrew HOLMES Family Tree 
11 DUFFY, Annette  24 May 1916Ontario I1931 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
12 DUFFY, Nellie  Abt 1916Ontario I1589 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
13 FISH, Alton Francis  27 Aug 1915Ontario I5455 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 
14 LYNCH, Marguerite  Abt 1914Ontario I1950 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
15 DUFFY, Peter  Abt 1914Ontario I1929 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
16 WEDDELL, Margaret Eleanor  09 May 1912Ontario I152 GORING Family 
17 LYNES, Francis A   I00144 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
18 GREEN, Gordon   I00114 GROVES Family Tree 
19 SHEEDY, Micheal Joseph  4 Nov 1910Ontario I785 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
20 WILSON, Victor  Jul 1910Ontario I1152 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
21 SEVARD, Celine  Jul 1910Ontario I857 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
22 AINSWORTH, Samuel  1910Ontario I190 Ainsworth Tree 
23 DUFFY, "Maurice" John Francis Maurice  15 Sep 1909Ontario I2595 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
24 LYNCH, John Joseph  24 Aug 1909Ontario I841 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
25 MALONE, Francis Joseph  1909Ontario I2618 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
26 LYNES, Mary G   I00147 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
27 FINN, John Cyril  16 Dec 1908Ontario I2040 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
28 GREEN, Rose   I00115 GROVES Family Tree 
29 MALONE, Charles Patrick  7 Jul 1908Ontario I649 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
30 MONTGOMERY, Mary Ina  21 Jan 1908Ontario I1269 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
31 AINSWORTH, John W.  1907Ontario I189 Ainsworth Tree 
32 WIDDIFIELD, Mary Dorothy   I466 EDWARDS Family Tree 
33 LYNCH, KATHERINE  1906Ontario I558 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
34 Ainsworth, Gladys  1906Ontario I1110 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
35 Ainsworth, Gladys  1906Ontario I1111 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
36 AINSWORTH, Gladys  1906Ontario I228 Ainsworth Tree 
37 AINSWORTH, Gladys   I160 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
38 AINSWORTH, Eva  1906Ontario I188 Ainsworth Tree 
39 LYNCH, Bridget Veronica "Vernie" Mary  2 Aug 1905Ontario I2645 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
40 GREEN, Harold   I00116 GROVES Family Tree 
41 WIDDIFIELD, Velva Alberta   I465 EDWARDS Family Tree 
42 DUFFY, Patrick Whitney  12 May 1905Ontario I1387 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
43 MCINTAGGART, John  20 Mar 1905Ontario I103 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
44 SHEEDY, Thimothy  Feb 1905Ontario I784 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
45 HUNT, Thomas Brophy  5 Jan 1905Ontario I281 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
46 SWEET, Eunice  28 May 1904Ontario I600 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
47 SHEEDY, Martin  Abt 1904Ontario I86 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
48 AINSWORTH, Isabella M  1904Ontario I187 Ainsworth Tree 
49 AINSWORTH, Russell Goodman  25 Jun 1903Ontario I011 Ainsworth Tree 
50 WHITE, Archibald Clarence  Apr 1903Ontario I227 The WHITE Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cowie, Thomas Erwin (Buster)  1983Ontario I00032 Cowie Family Tree 
2 HICKSON, Herbert  21 Nov 1969Ontario I062 Hutchings Tree 
3 EDWARDS, William Edward  25 May 1958Ontario I228 EDWARDS Family Tree 
4 Cowie, Thomas Dickson (Dixon)  26 Sep 1953Ontario I00013 Cowie Family Tree 
5 STRAIN, Margaret Jane  16 Aug 1951Ontario I3 Pte. Herbert Thomas James STAMP'S family 
6 Calhoun, Margaret Ann  10 May 1949Ontario I764 Speiran Family Tree 
7 FLEMING, Donald Fredrick  12 Jul 1943Ontario I053 Hutchings Tree 
8 HICKSON, Herbert  28 Jul 1934Ontario I065 Hutchings Tree 
9 KELLY, Charles Joseph  Bef 1911Ontario I289 McGowan 
10 KELLY, Charles Joseph  Bef 1911Ontario I7340 MANGAN 
11 EDWARDS, Thomas  01 Apr 1906Ontario I214 Family of Henry Edwards 
12 O'DONNELL, Mary Ellen  29 Jul 1901Ontario I00038 McCORKELL 
13 O'DONNELL, Mary Ellen  29 Jul 1901Ontario I7487 MANGAN 
14 JONES, John C  26 Oct 1893Ontario I1669 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
15 WILSON, Elizabeth Janet  1877Ontario I1329 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
16 Allewell, Christopher  Abt 1858Ontario I118 John Allewell Family Tree 
17 SYNNOT, Bridget  Ontario I829 FLOOD 
18 GORING, Annie  Ontario I35 GORING Family 
19 FAIR, Mary  UNKNOWNOntario I279 Acton Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CAIN / SHAW   F171 Moffat-Lambe Tree 
2 BLANCHARD / COOK  30 Sep 1914Ontario F13 EDWARDS Family Tree 
3 BLANCHARD /   27 Jul 1910Ontario F8 EDWARDS Family Tree 
4 / MCDERMOTT  27 Jul 1910Ontario F154 EDWARDS Family Tree 
5 / EDWARDS  14 Oct 1908Ontario F75 EDWARDS Family Tree 
6 Inch / Justin  20 Sep 1905Ontario F00142 Cleaveley Family Tree 
7 / EDWARDS  16 Nov 1904Ontario F73 EDWARDS Family Tree 
8 EDWARDS / ST. JOHN  26 Feb 1902Ontario F138 EDWARDS Family Tree 
9 VALLENTYNE / EDWARDS  26 Dec 1901Ontario F58 EDWARDS Family Tree 
10 / EDWARDS  12 Jun 1901Ontario F101 EDWARDS Family Tree 
11 / EDWARDS  29 Sep 1897Ontario F46 EDWARDS Family Tree 
12 EDWARDS / FLEWELL  28 Nov 1894Ontario F48 EDWARDS Family Tree 
13 MACKINNON /   24 Dec 1889Ontario F153 EDWARDS Family Tree 
14 Justin / Cade  01 Jan 1887Ontario F00112 Cleaveley Family Tree 
15 / JONES  01 Dec 1880Ontario F148 EDWARDS Family Tree 
16 EDWARDS / KNIGHT  07 Oct 1879Ontario F47 EDWARDS Family Tree 
17 / KNIGHT  07 Oct 1879Ontario F151 EDWARDS Family Tree 
18 MOORE /   10 Jun 1874Ontario F162 EDWARDS Family Tree 
19 / EDWARDS  10 Jun 1874Ontario F117 EDWARDS Family Tree 
20 HOLMES /   24 Jul 1873Ontario F00060 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
21 HOLMES /   19 Mar 1870Ontario F00054 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
22 BODDY /   19 Mar 1870Ontario F00007 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
23 FREEL / SCOTT  20 Feb 1862Ontario F00006 Descendants of John Scott 
24 RITCHIE / MUIR  13 Dec 1848Ontario F451 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
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