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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 MCPHERSON, Christina 'Tina' Mary  06 Jun 1909Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I52 MULHERN 
2 KENNY, William Joseph  21 Feb 1902Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I45 MULHERN 
3 MULHERN, Catherine P  12 May 1897Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I30 MULHERN 
4 MULHERN, Mary Ellen  24 Jul 1892Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I29 MULHERN 
5 MULHERN, Samuel Edward  10 Jan 1891Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I28 MULHERN 
6 KELLY, Ellen Tencie  27 Aug 1890Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I11 MULHERN 
7 MULHERN, John  02 Jun 1889Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I27 MULHERN 
8 KELLY, Frederick Russel  30 Nov 1888Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I10 MULHERN 
9 MULHERN, Finnibur Joseph  04 Aug 1888Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I67 MULHERN 
10 KELLY, James  12 Apr 1887Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I9 MULHERN 
11 MULHERN, William Francis  01 Sep 1886Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I66 MULHERN 
12 MULHERN, Edmund Michael 'Mike'  26 Jan 1885Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I65 MULHERN 
13 MULHERN, Bridget Agnes  30 Jan 1884Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I64 MULHERN 
14 MCRAE, Farquhar Louis  06 Feb 1882Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I68 MULHERN 
15 MULHERN, Catherine  01 Jul 1881Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I56 MULHERN 
16 MULHERN, Edward Patrick  04 Mar 1880Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I63 MULHERN 
17 MULHERN, Mary Iodine  07 Feb 1879Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I62 MULHERN 
18 MCRAE, Flora Arabella  08 Feb 1878Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I95 MULHERN 
19 MULHERN, Martin  10 Nov 1875Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I61 MULHERN 
20 MCRAE, Isabella Ann  1841Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I84 MULHERN 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Corrigan, Bridget  14 Jun 1930Mara Twp., Ontario Co.,  I00004 Flannery Family Tree 
2 McRae, Kenneth  31 Dec 1917Mara Twp., Ontario Co.,  I00891 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
3 MCINTAGGART, Isabella  30 Nov 1917Mara Twp., Ontario Co.,  I0962 Complete Clarke Tree 
4 McIntaggart, Isabella  30 Nov 1917Mara Twp., Ontario Co.,  I02987 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
5 MCRAE, Isabella Ann  08 Jun 1899Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I84 MULHERN 
6 MCRAE, Farquhar James  22 Jul 1892Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I83 MULHERN 
7 KELLY, Thomas  07 Aug 1891Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I12 MULHERN 
8 NAREY, Ellen  22 Jun 1876Mara Twp., Ontario Co., I13 MULHERN 
9 BASSETT, James  19 Jan 1872Mara Twp., Ontario Co.,  I197 Peter Duffy (1791) Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLUTCHEY / MCRAE  16 Feb 1904Mara Twp., Ontario Co., F39 MULHERN 
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