Mara Township, Canada West



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOYLE, Peter  28 Jun 1866Mara Township, Canada West I150 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
2 MCDONALD, Robert  27 Jun 1866Mara Township, Canada West I451 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
3 WADDELL, George Donald  27 Dec 1865Mara Township, Canada West I89 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
4 CUDDAHEE, Arthur William  27 Nov 1865Mara Township, Canada West I23 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
5 CUDDAHEE, Arthur William  27 Nov 1865Mara Township, Canada West I190 Fox, O'Leary 
6 BOYLE, Suzannah  10 Sep 1864Mara Township, Canada West I149 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
7 MCDONALD, Deborah  02 Dec 1863Mara Township, Canada West I450 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
8 CUDDAHEE, Bridget Ellen  20 Jan 1863Mara Township, Canada West I26 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
9 CUDDAHEE, Bridget Ellen  20 Jan 1863Mara Township, Canada West I191 Fox, O'Leary 
10 STEWART, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1862Mara Township, Canada West I581 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
11 WADDELL, Thomas James  19 Feb 1862Mara Township, Canada West I88 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
12 QUINN, Joseph  1862Mara Township, Canada West I355 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
13 MCDONALD, Elizabeth  1862Mara Township, Canada West I449 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
14 BOYLE, Patrick Joseph  06 Aug 1861Mara Township, Canada West I148 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
15 CUDDAHEE, Mary Jane 'Molly'  25 Nov 1860Mara Township, Canada West I22 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
16 WADDELL, Ann Elizabeth  28 May 1860Mara Township, Canada West I87 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
17 MCDONALD, Thomas  09 Dec 1859Mara Township, Canada West I448 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
18 BOYLE, Arthur James  27 Nov 1859Mara Township, Canada West I147 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
19 WADDELL, Virtue Jane  09 Apr 1858Mara Township, Canada West I86 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
20 MCDONALD, Donald 'Daniel' C  23 Jan 1858Mara Township, Canada West I447 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
21 WADDELL, Deborah P  1858Mara Township, Canada West I206 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
22 Elder, Christine Fyfe  11 Oct 1856Mara Township, Canada West I00471 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
23 WADDELL, Robert  1855Mara Township, Canada West I85 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
24 CORRIGAN, William Patrick  20 Jan 1854Mara Township, Canada West I157 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
25 MacKinnon, Donald  25 Jul 1853Mara Township, Canada West I00012 Donald MacKinnon Family Tree 
26 MCLEAN, Patrick Joseph  01 Jul 1850Mara Township, Canada West I00242 Descendants of Michael McLean & Ellen Collison 
27 MCLEAN, Patrick Joseph  01 Jul 1850Mara Township, Canada West I52 Arthur ' little" KELLY 
28 McRae, Donald Roy  07 Aug 1849Mara Township, Canada West I00249 Calder Family History 
29 WADDELL, Margaret  26 May 1837Mara Township, Canada West I33 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
30 WADDELL, William  Abt 1835Mara Township, Canada West I34 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
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