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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hartman, Beverly  8 Dec 1968Detroit, MI I053 Shay Family Tree 
2 Andreas, Harry Fred  Feb 1966Detroit, MI I1007 Peter Duffy (1791) Family Tree 
3 McLean, Patrick Daniel  30 Jan 1960Detroit, MI I0978 The McLean Family Tree 
4 McLean, Patrick Daniel  30 Jan 1960Detroit, MI I104 Shay Family Tree 
5 Shay, Anna Isabelle  15 Feb 1956Detroit, MI I174 Shay Family Tree 
6 Ach, Arthur  Oct 1951Detroit, MI I166 Shay Family Tree 
7 McLean, Marguerite  6 May 1951Detroit, MI I1023 The McLean Family Tree 
8 McLean, Marguerite  6 May 1951Detroit, MI I151 Shay Family Tree 
9 Lytle, Clara  20 Sep 1950Detroit, MI I00067 Brennan Family Tree 
10 McDonald, Mary  11 Jun 1939Detroit, MI I1008 The McLean Family Tree 
11 McDonald, Mary  11 Jun 1939Detroit, MI I135 Shay Family Tree 
12 McLean, Rose  1933Detroit, MI I0984 The McLean Family Tree 
13 McLean, Rose  1933Detroit, MI I110 Shay Family Tree 
14 Shay, Mary Jane  4 Nov 1932Detroit, MI I0970 The McLean Family Tree 
15 Shay, Mary Jane  4 Nov 1932Detroit, MI I092 Shay Family Tree 
16 McLean, Frances  12 Jul 1928Detroit, MI I0983 The McLean Family Tree 
17 McLean, Frances  12 Jul 1928Detroit, MI I109 Shay Family Tree 
18 McLean, John  11 Jul 1928Detroit, MI I0973 The McLean Family Tree 
19 McLean, John  11 Jul 1928Detroit, MI I101 Shay Family Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Corrigan / McIntyre  26 Sep 1941Detroit, MI F036 Corrigan Family Tree 
2 Campbell / McLean  28 Aug 1928Detroit, MI F023 The McLean Family Tree 
3 Campbell / McLean  28 Aug 1928Detroit, MI F075 Shay Family Tree 
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