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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 GRAHAM, Sarah  09 Aug 1869Canada West I583 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
2 FAIR, Mary Ann  3 Jun 1868Canada West I833 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
3 SMITH, George  15 Apr 1868Canada West I582 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
4 Fair, Mary Ann  03 Jun 1867Canada West I00738 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
5 Collins, John  27 May 1867Canada West I262 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
6 CURRAN, John  16 May 1867Canada West I6 Pte. Arnold CURRAN's Family 
7 Shay, Michael Daniel  Abt 1867Canada West I098 Shay Family Tree 
8 MERKLEY, Henry Charles  03 Jul 1866Canada West I14 Gunner Lee Merkley's family 
9 SHILLING, William  23 Jun 1866Canada West I2 Pte. Arthur Shilling's family 
10 ANNIS, James Henry  30 May 1866Canada West I849 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
11 MILLER, Albert  1866Canada West I83 GILPIN, GILLESPIE + Extended 
12 BAYE, Francis  Oct 1865Canada West I0703 Complete Clarke Tree 
13 SHEPPARD, Mary Ann  29 Mar 1865Canada West I10 CADE 
14 REGAN, Catherine Anne  15 Feb 1865Canada West I125 McGowan 
15 O'NEIL, Fannie  14 Mar 1864Canada West I277 McGowan 
16 RIEL, Ellen  23 Jan 1864Canada West I1341 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
17 Lepard, Benjamin  11 Jan 1864Canada West I02203 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
18 JOHNSON, Caroline  Abt 1864Canada West I3 CARTWRIGHT Family 
19 Maloney, Mary Ann Theresa  03 Dec 1862Canada West I03261 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
20 STALKER, Donald  13 Aug 1862Canada West I1261 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
21 MANTEL, Amos  10 Jul 1862Canada West I276 McGowan 
22 BEAUDOIN, Louis Joseph  01 Jul 1862Canada West I398 McGowan 
23 THOMPSON, Stanley  18 Jun 1862Canada West I1137 Moffat-Lambe Tree 
24 DOOLITTLE, Smith  20 May 1862Canada West I23 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
25 BEATON, Caroline 'Carrie'  10 Feb 1862Canada West I695 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
26 CADE, Milner  1862Canada West I1 CADE 
27 BROOKS, George Edward  1862Canada West I178 ARTHURS 
28 MERKLEY, Elizabeth Ann  30 Dec 1861Canada West I13 Gunner Lee Merkley's family 
29 CARMICHAEL, Duncan  15 Oct 1861Canada West I630 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
30 MERRY, Elizabeth  20 Oct 1860Canada West I43 Guindon (Yeado) Family 
31 MERRY, Elizabeth  20 Oct 1860Canada West I43 Guindon (Yeado) Family 
32 HALES, Bella /KOTER  15 Jun 1860Canada West I427 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
33 MCDONALD, Christina  08 Feb 1860Canada West I487 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
34 Boulton, Johanna  Abt 01 Feb 1860Canada West I00165 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
35 MCMASTER, Martha Jane  08 Jan 1860Canada West I24 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
36 Johnston, Agnes  08 Dec 1859Canada West I00679 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
37 JUSTIN, Martin Henry  29 Nov 1859Canada West I49 CADE 
38 RIEL, John  18 Oct 1859Canada West I1767 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
39 Moffatt, John  11 Jun 1859Canada West I068 Lamb Family Tree 
40 COLLINS, John  14 Apr 1859Canada West I37 CADE 
41 McKenzie, Mary A.  20 Mar 1859Canada West I00036 Donald MacKinnon Family Tree 
42 BALL, Malcom  16 Mar 1859Canada West I37 Gunner Lee Merkley's family 
43 Maloney, Mary  01 Feb 1859Canada West I03271 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
44 Fenton, William  29 Dec 1858Canada West I00025 Fenton Family Tree 
45 CARTWRIGHT, Thomas  26 Dec 1858Canada West I2 CARTWRIGHT Family 
46 HEALEY, Martin Joseph  11 Nov 1858Canada West I361 McGowan 
47 Healey, Mary  25 Sep 1858Canada West I104 Healy Family Tree 
48 HEALEY, Mary  25 Sep 1858Canada West I13 MYLES COSGROVE 
49 TRENIER, Jemima  01 Sep 1858Canada West I15 Pte. Arnold CURRAN's Family 
50 O'DONNELL, Martin Joseph  04 Jun 1858Canada West I5848 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CLARK / MULLIN  01 Jan 1866Canada West F2570 MANGAN 
2 /   Abt 1851Canada West F149 Shay Family Tree 
3 MACDONALD / MCKINNON  1847Canada West F83 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
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