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Daisey's Calf 1930's
Daisey's Calf 1930's

Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARR, Raquel Avery   I00437 GROVES Family Tree 
2 MENARY, David Vance Deo   I00548 GROVES Family Tree 
3 LANE, Heather Jean   I01132 BRUCE FAMILY 
4 LANE, Theresa Christian   I01135 BRUCE FAMILY 
5 WALDRUM, Victoria   I00427 GROVES Family Tree 
6 LANE, Stephen Alexander   I01134 BRUCE FAMILY 
7 LAUZON, Mary-Anne   I6384 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 
8 LAUZON, Mary-Anne   I6384 MOFFATTS of MARA 
9 LAUZON, Patrick Edward   I6383 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 
10 LAUZON, Patrick Edward   I6383 MOFFATTS of MARA 
11 LAUZON, David Robert   I6382 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 
12 LAUZON, David Robert   I6382 MOFFATTS of MARA 
13 FARLEY, Kelly   I968 Crosby, updated 2012 
14 MENARY, David Vance Deo   I00532 GROVES Family Tree 
16 BARR, Randy William   I00122 GROVES Family Tree 
17 BARR, Kelly Richard   I00124 GROVES Family Tree 
18 RAUCH, Joanne H  01 Jan 1953Calgary, Alberta, Canada I19 LANIGAN 
19 MCNABB, Robert William  10 Mar 1936Calgary, Alberta, Canada I283 McNabb 2017 
20 BARR, Victor  24 May 1932Calgary, Alberta, Canada I00125 GROVES Family Tree 
21 GALLIVAN, Marie  02 Mar 1932Calgary, Alberta, Canada I72 GALLIVAN 
22 BARR, Victor Reginald  1932Calgary, Alberta, Canada I00172 GROVES Family Tree 
23 GALLIVAN, Cornelius John  09 Aug 1927Calgary, Alberta, Canada I75 GALLIVAN 
24 McMULLEN, Eric Edward  21 Oct 1923Calgary, Alberta, Canada I183 Elder Family Tree 
25 LANIGAN, Bernard Joseph  2 Oct 1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I23 LANIGAN 
26 McMULLEN, Helen  Nov 7 1921Calgary, Alberta, Canada I150 Elder Family Tree 
27 LANIGAN, Bernard John  24 Sep 1920Calgary, Alberta, Canada I24 LANIGAN 
28 LANIGAN, Helen Patricia  1919Calgary, Alberta, Canada I14 LANIGAN 
29 SUTER, Norma Marguerita  25 Jan 1918Calgary, Alberta, Canada I01741 BRUCE FAMILY 
30 COTE, Albert Frederick  24 Dec 1916Calgary, Alberta, Canada I00657 BRUCE FAMILY 
31 HARRINGTON, Andrew James  1906Calgary, Alberta, Canada I109 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
32 LEE, Earl   I961 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
33 Hoffman, Nathan  Calgary, Alberta, Canada I22991 STEELE FAMILY TREE 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 RAUCH, Joanne H  15 May 2013Calgary, Alberta, Canada I19 LANIGAN 
2 SIDDALL, Charles Archiebald  04 Sep 2009Calgary, Alberta, Canada I01606 BRUCE FAMILY 
3 Craig, William Morley  25 Mar 2008Calgary, Alberta, Canada I147 Carrick Family Tree 
4 CROSBY, William David  04 Sep 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I334 Crosby, updated 2012 
5 CROSBY, William David  04 Sep 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I334 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 
6 CROSBY, William David  04 Sep 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I334 MOFFATTS of MARA 
7 CROSBY, William David  04 Sep 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I65 James Kelly and Hannorah Mulhern 
8 MCLEAN, Doreen  16 Mar 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I83 GALLIVAN 
9 ADAMS, Mary Lois Colleen  21 Jan 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I21 The Adams Family 
10 ADAMS, Mary Lois Colleen  21 Jan 2006Calgary, Alberta, Canada I70 The WHITE Family 
11 HAMMOND, Brock Gould  24 May 2004Calgary, Alberta, Canada I472 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
12 BLACK, Georgina Mary  28 Dec 1998Calgary, Alberta, Canada I00024 BLACK, ANDERSON, TURNBULL 
13 DESMOND, Eileen Patrica  17 Aug 1993Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1569 Crosby, updated 2012 
14 MCNAUGHTON, Carman Palmer  10 Apr 1993Calgary, Alberta, Canada I190 ARTHURS 
15 POWELL, Carole Ann  1990Calgary, Alberta, Canada I359 Pte. Frederick Duncan McDONALD's extended family 
16 O'DONNELL, Thomas Arthur  23 Mar 1988Calgary, Alberta, Canada I5865 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 
17 FRANK, Sarah  19 Dec 1987Calgary, Alberta, Canada I386 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
18 STORER, Minnie  26 Dec 1986Calgary, Alberta, Canada I186 WHITNEY, HARRIS 
19 FRANK, Gustav  10 Mar 1985Calgary, Alberta, Canada I381 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
20 FRANK, Herman  2 Mar 1983Calgary, Alberta, Canada I378 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
21 AINSWORTH, Gordon Isaac  1983Calgary, Alberta, Canada I136 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
22 TRAINOR, Marianne  03 Apr 1982Calgary, Alberta, Canada I73 GALLIVAN 
23 MORPHY, Theodore Norman  09 Aug 1980Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1570 Crosby, updated 2012 
24 FRANK, George  19 May 1980Calgary, Alberta, Canada I379 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
25 LANIGAN, Helen Patricia  1980Calgary, Alberta, Canada I14 LANIGAN 
26 JOSLIN, William Burlegh  07 Dec 1979Calgary, Alberta, Canada I29 HEPINSTALL 
27 RAUCH, John Scott  1978Calgary, Alberta, Canada I15 LANIGAN 
28 SAUNDERS, Charles Orloff  21 Jan 1972Calgary, Alberta, Canada I18 WHITNEY, HARRIS 
29 GALLIVAN, Martin  13 Dec 1971Calgary, Alberta, Canada I48 GALLIVAN 
30 GALLIVAN, Cornellius  1965Calgary, Alberta, Canada I46 GALLIVAN 
31 UNKNOWN, Elizabeth Winifred  1964Calgary, Alberta, Canada I13 LANIGAN 
32 MACDONALD, Darcey Aloysius  03 Aug 1963Calgary, Alberta, Canada I267 LT. ALEXANDER MACDONALD 
33 SAUNDERS, Roy Rensselaer  18 Oct 1960Calgary, Alberta, Canada I23 WHITNEY, HARRIS 
34 SAUNDERS, Elbert Everett  1954Calgary, Alberta, Canada I17 WHITNEY, HARRIS 
35 LANIGAN, Patrick Edward  1951Calgary, Alberta, Canada I7 LANIGAN 
36 CLARKE, Annie Marie  1945Calgary, Alberta, Canada I62 Muir, Ritchie, Waddell 
37 KELLY, Elizabeth Jane  9 Aug 1937Calgary, Alberta, Canada I516 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
38 ROBINSON, Alice Mary  30 Dec 1936Calgary, Alberta, Canada I54 HAZARD 
39 Prince, Peter Abney  13 Jan 1925Calgary, Alberta, Canada I300 Corrigan Family Tree 
40 Hargrave, Hannah Eva  21 Aug 1910Calgary, Alberta, Canada I00602 Lawrence-James Family Trees & Extended Families 
41 WINDLE, Margaret Mary  Calgary, Alberta, Canada I1900 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
42 McCowan, Eleanor  Calgary, Alberta, Canada I385 STEELE FAMILY TREE 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 LAUZON / PIERZCHALSKI   F2131 Descendants of Tobias KELLY 
3 Fincaryk / Hankin  13 Apr 2004Calgary, Alberta, Canada F00028 Bickell Family Tree 
4 Dumais / Shaw   F00027 Bickell Family Tree 
5 COTE / SUTER  30 Jan 1937Calgary, Alberta, Canada F00377 BRUCE FAMILY 
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