Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Steele, Margaret Charlotte  22 Apr 1896Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I47 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
2 Steele, Roger Edward  17 Jun 1890Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I44 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
3 Steele, William Patrick  25 Oct 1888Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I43 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
4 Steele, Martin Joseph  02 May 1881Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I60 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
5 Steele, Flora Elizabeth  22 Dec 1879Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I59 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
6 Steele, Mary Ellen  11 Apr 1878Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I58 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
7 Steele, Margaret Mary  10 Jul 1875Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I56 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
8 Mahoney, Mary  03 Oct 1874Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I616 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
9 Steele, John  11 Oct 1852Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I71 STEELE FAMILY TREE 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Steele, Florence Anna  29 Aug 1929Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I51 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
2 Hobson, Anna Sarah  08 Feb 1925Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I36 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
3 Steele, Donald Joseph Daniel  19 May 1916Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I15 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
4 McIsaac, Mary  26 Oct 1910Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I342 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
5 Steele, John  Abt 1910Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I3 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
6 McIsaac, Catherine Margaret  Aft 1909Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I4 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
7 Steele, Alexander  18 Nov 1900Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I109 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
8 Steele, John  Abt 1860Atherley Township, Ontario, Canada I1 STEELE FAMILY TREE 
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