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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
101 Sullivan, Dr. Patrick Orland M.D.  19 Nov 1952Toronto, Ontario I00049 Cosgrove Family Tree 
102 NAPOLITANO, Anina  22 Sep 1949Toronto, Ontario I234 Murphy Family Tree 1790 
103 McLean, Patrick William  1949Toronto, Ontario I0015 The McLean Family Tree 
104 GUNN, James Thomas  1949Toronto, Ontario I0613 Complete Clarke Tree 
105 McDonnell, Michael  12 Dec 1946Toronto, Ontario I107 Lamb Family Tree 
106 AINSWORTH, Christina  28 Feb 1942Toronto, Ontario I023 Ainsworth Tree 
107 McLean, John Joseph  12 Jan 1942Toronto, Ontario I83 McGrath Family Tree 
108 Hutchings, Ida Alberta  17 Dec 1941Toronto, Ontario I011 Speiran Family Tree 
109 HUTCHINGS, Ida Alberta  17 Dec 1941Toronto, Ontario I008 Hutchings Tree 
110 Ritchie, Mary  03 Feb 1937Toronto, Ontario I00316 Calder Family History 
111 SANDERS, Joseph Wesley  12 Aug 1935Toronto, Ontario I314 Acton Tree 
112 King, Victor Harper  06 Mar 1935Toronto, Ontario I01728 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
113 Barker, John J.  15 Dec 1930Toronto, Ontario I44 McGrath Family Tree 
114 CORCELLI, Vincenzo  18 Feb 1925Toronto, Ontario I233 Murphy Family Tree 1790 
115 Kelly, James Joseph  13 Aug 1923Toronto, Ontario I03340 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
116 TURNBULL, Robert  18 Jun 1922Toronto, Ontario I020 Murphy Family Tree 1790 
117 Matheson, Mary Morrison  17 Oct 1915Toronto, Ontario I01731 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
118 SPEIRAN, George Hartwell  13 Dec 1913Toronto, Ontario I001 Acton Tree 
119 Speiran, George Hartwell  13 Feb 1913Toronto, Ontario I474 Speiran Family Tree 
120 SMITH, George William  05 Dec 1912Toronto, Ontario I22 Smith's of Uptergrove 
121 Mangan, Michael Patrick  16 Nov 1910Toronto, Ontario I11 McGrath Family Tree 
122 WARREN, Joseph  20 Dec 1908Toronto, Ontario I057 Warren 
123 WARREN, Joseph  20 Dec 1908Toronto, Ontario I036 Nicholson 
124 Boulton, William  Dec 1908Toronto, Ontario I00175 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
125 McLaughlin, Anne  6 Jun 1908Toronto, Ontario I763 Speiran Family Tree 
126 MCLAUGHLIN, Anne  6 Jun 1908Toronto, Ontario I153 Acton Tree 
127 MCNENLY, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1902Toronto, Ontario I2485 Lynch-Duffy Family Tree 
128 Dissette, George  Feb 1899Toronto, Ontario I02912 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
129 Teyen, Jane  26 Feb 1894Toronto, Ontario I754 Speiran Family Tree 
130 WOODS, Gloria  Toronto, Ontario I105 Warren 
131 WOODS, Gloria  Toronto, Ontario I093 Nicholson 
132 Warswick, Eugenia  Toronto, Ontario I472 Speiran Family Tree 
133 WARREN, William Frederick  Toronto, Ontario I104 Warren 
134 WARREN, William Frederick  Toronto, Ontario I128 Nicholson 
135 STEVENS], Carmen Salumei [Carl  Toronto, Ontario I276 Murphy Family Tree 1790 
136 Speiran, Sarah Violet  UNKNOWNToronto, Ontario I534 Speiran Family Tree 
137 SPEIRAN, Sarah Violet  UNKNOWNToronto, Ontario I066 Hutchings Tree 
138 O'DONNELL, Edmund  Toronto, Ontario I427 Murphy Family Tree 1790 
139 NAPOLITANO, Vincenza  Toronto, Ontario I597 Murphy Family Tree 1790 
140 MAGGIO, Nicola  Toronto, Ontario I604 Murphy Family Tree 1790 
141 Doherty, Margaret Cecilia  Toronto, Ontario I00010 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
142 Doherty, Catherine Agnes  Toronto, Ontario I00009 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 
143 Clarke, Olga Mary  Toronto, Ontario I00425 Lee,Harrington,Clarke,Doherty & Extended Family Trees 

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