John Daniel Fountain

Male 1897 - 1906

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  • Name  John Daniel Fountain 
    Born  13 Jun 1897  Rama Township Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender  Male 
    Died  14 Jul 1906  Old Catholic Cemetery, Orillia, Ontario Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Father  Joseph Fountain,   b. 11 Apr 1851, East Gwillimbury, York County Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 30 Jan 1900, *Obituary-Packet & Times Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Relationship  Natural 
    Mother  Ann Boyle,   b. 07 Jan 1860, Mara Township, Ontario County Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 17 Jun 1941, St. Columbkille's Cemetery, Uptergrove Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Relationship  Natural 
    Married  07 Nov 1879  St. Columbkille's Church, Uptergrove Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Genealogical Notes 
      Joseph Fountain-On the 27th day of November 1879, in the church of St. Columbkille, Mara, Joseph Fountain, age 29, farmer, son of Joseph Fountain and Suzen Fountain of Mara, was lawfully married to Ann Boyle, age 20, daughter of John Boyle and Rosanna Doyle of Mara. Bans published in presence of John Boyle and Mary Doyle.
      P. Rey
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  • Genealogical Notes 
    • -Daniel, his mother, and siblings lived on Elgin Street, Orillia, at the time of his death in July of 1906.

      TUESDAY, JULY 19, 1906
      Death of Daniel Fountain from Alcoholic Poisoning
      Coroner's Inquest Adjourned till Next Monday
      Another tragedy from liquor drinking occurred in Orillia on Saturday, when little Danny Fountain, a nine-year old boy, died, according to the testimony of the attending physician, from alcoholic poisoning. The Fountain residence is on Elgin street, and deceased is the youngest son of the late Joseph Fountain, and is one of a family of ten children. The lad was carried home unconscious about 6 o'clock, Thursday evening, and died at 8:30 Saturday morning, without having regained consciousness, except momentarily, during the whole of his illness.
      Coroner John McLean, M.D., empaneled a jury, and held an inquest in the Council Chamber at 1:30, on Monday afternoon. The following were sworn in as jurymen: Frank Kean, foreman; Albert Vick, Harry Lloyd, A. C. Buchner, Steve Black, J. O. Perry, Jas. Mulligan, Alexander McKinnon, W.O. Black, Geo. Bunker, John Sparling, Robert Phillips, John Hughes, J.H. Fox.
      After viewing the body, evidence was taken, the lad's brother, J.J. Fountain, Dr. Wainwright, and a little six year old playmate giving testimony, after which adjournment was made until Monday next, and in the meantime further evidence will be sought with a view to fixing the blame where it properly belongs. This is the second case of the kind in Orillia in little more than a year, and the authorities should vindicate justice by relaxing no effort until they have brought within the toils the party or parties responsible for liquor being within the child's reach.
      Joseph Fountain, of Orillia, being sworn, said: I am the brother of the deceased Daniel Fountain. Daniel was ten years old last June. Died on Saturday, 8:30 a.m. He was attended by Dr. Wainwright. Was taken ill on Thursday evening at about 5:30. Was with me during the day around town. I was drinking that day. Three of us drank a 35 cent flask of whiskey, and I had a glass of lager besides. Drank it in D. M. McKinlay's stable. Daniel, the deceased, was with me all the time. In the afternoon I bought two flasks and hid them in Tait's yard. Gave Daniel no drink that day, nor did I see him take any. Daniel left me at 5:30 p.m., and I did not see him again until he was carried into the house a little after six. Jas. Powell brought him in. Mother and the girls were in the house at that time. Daniel was on the wagon when I hid the whiskey under a bunch of shingles in Tait's yard, and could have seen me. I found the empty bottle afterwards. Daniel had time to go to Tait's yard from the time he left me until he was brought.
      Joseph Fountain recalled---Bought one flask at the Simcoe House, and the other I am not sure about.
      James Purdy---I am six years old. I knew Danny Fountain. I remember last Thursday. I saw Danny down by Tait's mill. We were not playing together. Danny was walking with two sticks. He had a flask. I saw him drink out of it and throw it away. Then he began to stagger. I was on one side of the sidewalk and he on the other. He told me it was liquor in the flask. He fell on the sidewalk up by Milligans and could not move. Howard Stevenson went after his mother. Mr. Hickey carried him in and laid him on the grass. Mrs. Viller came along and saw him. Jas. Powell carried him home. His mother was present.
      C.S. Wainwright, M.D., Orillia, sworn, "I am a practising physician in Orillia; was called to see the late Daniel Fountain about 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, 12th July, 1906; smelt an odor of whiskey on his breath and treated him for an overdose of whiskey; used the stomach pump but did not get much liquor; had vomited a good deal before my arrival. I remained two hours but the patient did not recover consciousness. I returned again about 10 o'clock; administered a heart stimulant, catheterized; patient recovered slightly. Was sent for at 3 o'clock next morning and found him still unconscious; his attendants said he had moments of consciousness during the night; remained till 6 o'clock; went to see him again at 10 a.m.; pulse very fast, temperature about normal, still unconscious. Revisted him again between 4 and 5 p.m.; not much change. Between 9 and 10 p.m. was worse, having had several convulsions in the meantime; saw him no more. Died some time Saturday morning. It is my opinion that Daniel Fountain died from alcoholic poisoning.

      Verdict in the Fountain Inquest.--Rider Regarding Use of Embalming Fluid.
      The inquest held by Coroner McLean to enquire into the death of little Danny Fountain, was concluded on Monday afternoon, when an adjourned sitting was held, further witnesses examined, the result of post mortem examination given, and the Jury brought in the following verdict:
      "That Daniel Fountain died from alcoholic poison, through the carelessness of his brother, Joseph Fountain, leaving it where he could come into possession of it. The inquest having shown that on account of embalming fluid having been injected before post mortem, the jury recommend that the law be amended that no undertaker should use embalming fluid without a permit from the proper authorities."
      W. J. Hickey testified to seeing the boy lying on the sidewalk; he appeared to be suffering from sunstroke or under the influence of liquor. Picked him up; smelt liquor on his breath.
      Annie Fountain, mother of the deceased, said the boy was all right at dinner time, he was out with his brothers all day. Saw him in stable at 5:30; twenty minutes or so later called out of the house and saw him on Front street lying on the sidewalk unconscious. James Powell carried him home. Daniel recovered consciousness about ten o'clock that night and confessed to the priest, but was not sensible after that, and died Saturday morning at 8:30. He said nothing about where he got the liquor. Never knew him to take any liquor before.
      James Powell testified to carrying the boy from Front street to his home on Elgin Street. Did not notice any odour of liquor on his breath.
      Howard Stephenson, aged 9 years, said he saw Danny Fountain staggering and falling on the sidewalk. He fell on me and said he would give me a thousand dollars if I would not tell his teacher he was drunk.
      Dr. Kelly testified to making a post- mortem examination of the body with Dr. Wainwright. The body had been injected with embalming fluid, and could not exactly tell cause of death. The stomach was inflamed, and he was of the opinion that the boy died from an overdose of alcoholic liquor.
      Dr. Wainwright said th post-mortem showed the cause of death was clouded by the use of embalming fluid, but taking the condition of the brain with what he knew of the boy's condition prior to his death, he was of opinion that death was caused by alcoholic poisoning.
      The Jury brought in the verdict above given, and the evidence has been forwarded to County Crown Attorney Cotter.

      FOUNTAIN--At Orillia, on July 14, Daniel, youngest son of Mrs. Joseph Fountain, aged 9 years.

      July 11, 1956
      50 YEARS AGO
      During the past week another boy has been poisoned from drinking whiskey. The victim was Daniel Fountain, a little lad of nine years of age. He got hold of a flask which his brother had bought and hid under a pile of shingles in Tait's millyard, and drank it. He was picked up on the street in a paralysed condition and carried home. This was on Thursday afternoon. He lay in an unconscious or semiconscious state throughout that night and Friday. On Friday evening he suffered from violent convulsions, and despite every effort to save his life, passed away early on Saturday morning.

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