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Sergeant Norman Glover, K.I.A.
Sergeant Norman Glover, K.I.A.
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Pioneer Families

In this area we are recording the family histories from all four townships Most families knew each other and some are inter-related

by Richard Corcelli.

THE SURNAME “Murphy” [Munster Sect]

In the Irish language, the name is O Murchadha meaning descendant of Murchadh [sea warrior]. The name Murphy is common throughout Ireland being the most common surname. It is more common in Munster province, particularly in Cork and Kerry where the Munster sept of the name originated. The Munster Murphys are associated with the Barony of Muskerry, County Cork and are said to be a branch of the Wexford clan. The Munster sept’s coat of arms is quite different from the Wexford Murphys.

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