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Pioneer Families

In this area we are recording the family histories from all four townships Most families knew each other and some are inter-related

Persons who wanted to apply for Crown Land, would sumbit a Petition (application) to the Crown. If successful , the Crown would issue a land grant, to the petitioner, then called a settler. If the settler took up residence on the land and fulfilled certain settlement duties, like clearing and farming a portion of the land and building a house. Then the Crown issued a patent to the settler, indicating ownership of the land had passed from the Crown to the individual. In Dalton township this occured in the 1860’s to 1880   .


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I was checking through the Jacob Family photo’s and came across information regarding Willis James Jacob being a police officer and died in the line of duty. I found the following information on line which I thought I would share.

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I came across this piece about the Point Mara Kennedy family and I thought
I would share. One of my McDonald family married John Alexander Kennedy and
later lived in Manitoba.

Submitted by Ron Zinck
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The Buchanan Clan was once very numerous along Eastern shores of Loch Lomond. Their history connects closely with Robert Bruce. In 1296 they refused to sign bond of fealty to Edward 1, so fought in Bannockburn. Like the Graham Clans, they remained loyal to the Stuarts for which they finally (many of them) were forced to take up domicile in County Antrim, Ireland at Ballymond. Many Presbyterian Scots also moved to Antrim and Tyrone.

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The Deverell name originated in France. The Deverells were among the middle class tradesmen and artisans who crossed the channel to England for religious freedom at the end of the seventeenth century
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After looking at the family tree, I wondered if it was to keep his two families distinct from one another as the first family retained the name Gold. According to Joseph in the book, he did not know why his father changed the name.

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By Jim Corrigan

The Corrigan family history in Ramara had an auspicious beginning but is also a mystery. The first recorded settler of Mara Township was Patrick Corrigan who apparently arrived with the survey crew in 1823. The mystery is who was he and what happened to him?

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by Richard Corcelli.

THE SURNAME “Murphy” [Munster Sect]

In the Irish language, the name is O Murchadha meaning descendant of Murchadh [sea warrior]. The name Murphy is common throughout Ireland being the most common surname. It is more common in Munster province, particularly in Cork and Kerry where the Munster sept of the name originated. The Munster Murphys are associated with the Barony of Muskerry, County Cork and are said to be a branch of the Wexford clan. The Munster sept’s coat of arms is quite different from the Wexford Murphys.

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