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Carden-Dalton Veterans

They all signed up to fight –non signed up to die—Every day is Remembrance Day

This from the offical Cameron Highlanders history
Normandy Landings, Caen, Carpiquet, The Orne, Bourguébus Ridge, Faubourg de Vaucelles, Falaise, Quesnay Wood, The Laison, Boulogne 1944, Battle of the Scheldt, Breskens Pocket, The Rhineland, Waal Flats, The Hochwald, The Rhine, Twente Canal, Zutphen, Deventer, Leer

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Sgt. Mansell Deveral

Resaech by Frances Laver
Royal Canadian Air Force
Theatre of War Europe

Sgt.Mansell Deverall was resident of Dalyrimple,son of Walter and Winnie(Ramsay)Deverell .He trained in Canada and was killed in action,in Europe

He was born July 1 1916 and died June 25th 1943.He is buried in France
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