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Joseph Warren–Phoebe Oakley– July 17 2020

I really hope you can help me. I’m trying to find any information bout my great great grandparents. My great great grandmothers name is Phoebe Oakley born 1859 not sure when she passed away but I do know she was 22 years of age, and my great great grandfather born 1853 again not sure when he passed away but I do know he was 28 years of age. If you have any information that you could share with me that would be great as I’m trying to put my family history together and it’s hard with missing information


Black River Bridge —July 2 2020
Hello, I’m working on a heritage evaluation of the pony truss bridge that carries Black River Road over Black River at Victoria Falls in the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park. I’m wondering if you have any information at all on this bridge, as it falls on the Dalton side of the (former) Dalton-Digby township boarder. With the bridges remote location and restrictions on access to archival materials during this pandemic it’s been difficult to gather background information on it. Any information or historical photos that you might have and are willing to pass along would be greatly appreciated! Or suggestions on who I might contact to gain more information on the bridge. Please let me know if you would like more information from me or would like to discuss further. I appreciate any help you can provide


Groves –Danton–July 5 2020

My ancestors first came to Canada around 1907 and first went to Longford Mills.  Their name was Groves.  Is there any mention of this family in your data base.  I do not know how long they stayed there but they eventually ended up in Orillia.  Any help you could give would be appreciated. Both the Dantons and the Groves started at long Ford mills.  I was wondering if there was any records of where people lived.  The Dantons were farm labourers in England and at some point bought a farm.  I believe the Groves father was a shoe repair man.  I would like to go to Longford Mills and if where they lived was still there it would be interesting


Hugh Cameron —April 11 2020

I am trying to do genealogy on my family and I have traced my Cameron relatives back to your town of Ramara, Ontario. I’m stuck on my 3rd Great Grandfather, Hugh Cameron (abt 1793 – 10 July 1875) born in Scotland. Hugh Cameron shows up on the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census’ as living in Mara & Rama. I found a burial document that shows he was buried in Beaverton, Durham, Ontario in Union Cemetery. (can’t find this cemetery anywhere) Even if I do find the cemetery, I’m not sure if it will provide his full date of birth or specific birth place, but that is my goal.


McNabb–Oct 11 2018

Would the owner of the McNabb family tree on this website be willing to correspond with me. I am now retired and trying to research my family tree. I am descended from John (b 1816) McNabb and his wife Mary. Their son, Andrew, who moved from Oro to Rama was my great grandfather. I am interested in finding out whether there is a familial connection between the McNabb family that settled in Oro and the McNabb families of Coopers Falls or Beaverton. Rumour has it that they were connected somehow.

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