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Mike Crosby continues to add names to our pioneer families over a hundred names added
Ezelkal LEPARD from Rathburn with 9 children
Matthew MALONEYand Teresa McGrath settled lots 2, 3 & 4 of Con A Three daughters married into local families like Callaghan, Acton & Lepard families
Cornelius Holand and nine childred living on lot 13, Con 9 Carden

Fred Lamb has added more pictures to the Doble album

Washago school 1909 Washago SS#9 1939 Washago SS#9 1941

Dalton School Monck Road—Dalton SS#4 1928
Udney SS#9 School House–Rama SS#5 1937–
Rama Reserve Juniors 1956–Rama Reserve Grades 5-8 1956
Longford SS#6 1948-49–Uptergrove SS#4 1931
Mara SS#5 1945—Mud Lake SS#3 1922—Sadowa SS#4 1896–Sadowa SS#4 1909
Brechin Foley Separate School 1922–
Atherley School #5 1926—Atherley SS#5 1928-29–Atherley SS#5 1939

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