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Recorded for us by Carden Researcher Frances Laver

By Watson Kirkconnell

Revised and Updated by Frankie MacArthur

County of Victoria Centennial History

Dalton Township is named after Dr. John Dalton (1766-1844), a famous English scientist  who did much to establish the atomic theory of the constitution of matter.

Dalton’s municipal neighbours are Carden on the south, Digby on  the east, Ryde (in Muskoka District) on the north and Rama (in Ontario  County) on the west.

It is almost entirely made up of glaciated granite. Three streams,  the Black River in the north, Cranberry River in the centre and Head  River in the south flow across it from east to west. At least two thirds  of the township consists of huckleberry plains. Its scanty apportionment  of arable soil lies chiefly near the Head River and the southern boundary,  though small streaks of farming land may be found along the valleys  of the other rivers.. The Gardiners, Montgomerys and Thompsons were  among the earliest settlers.

Scotch and Irish Presbyterians dominate the present day population.   The latest census total is 204  (probably 1911)

Uphill is a village of half a hundred people near the south end of  the Digby boundary.  It was long made famous by its tavern keeper,  John Calhoun of the North Star Hotel. Dartmoor in the south, Sadowa  in the west and Ragged Rapids in the northeast,  have been rural post  offices. Sebright is a village of about fourscore inhabitants scattered  on both sides of the Rama-Dalton boundary where the Monck Road crosses  it between the first and second concessions of Dalton.

It has been estimated that Dalton has 25,000 acres of non agricultural  lands that are well adapted for reforestation.

One of the most picturesque figures in the municipal history of the  township is Joseph Thompson, who was reeve for a quarter century.   Thompson was a great hunter and many legends have been handed down concerning  his prowess in the wilderness.

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