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Recorded for us by Carden Researcher Frances Laver

BY  Watson Kirkconnell

Revised by Frankie L. Mac Arthur

County of Victoria Centennial History

Carden and Digby Townships are named after two English captains whose  heroic exertions were largely responsible for the successful embarkation  of Sir. John Moore’s army at Coruna in the Peninsular War, Sir John  Colborne, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada From 1830 to 1836, had  been one of the other officers there and it is supposed that the two  townships were named at his suggestion.

Carden is a rectangular municipality, ten concessions from west to  east and twenty five lots from north to south. It touches Eldon on the  south, Bexley and Laxton on the east, Dalton on the north and Mara in  Ontario County on the west.  It lies near the edge of the granite  country and therefore has thin soil and frequent outcroppings of limestone.   A large area in the centre of the township consists of tamarack and  balsam plains, unbroken by any road or trail.  The assessor in  1911 classified 38,256 acres as swamp, marsh or waste land.  Two  shallow lakes, Upper Mud Lake and Lower Mud Lake lie in the northwest  corner of Carden.

The chief settlements have been in the northwest and southeast corners  of the township.  The Conors, Dexters, Gillespies, Murtaghs, Quigleys  and Richmonds were among the earliest pioneers.  Irish, Roman Catholics  are perhaps the dominant element in the population.  The 1911 census   gives the following racial classifications : Irish – 378, English  – 184, Scotch – 69,  German and Dutch – 90, all others –  19. The church adherents were as follows: Roman Catholic – 282, Methodist  – 254, Presbyterian – 121, Anglican – 20, all others – 7.

Rohallion in the south, Horncastle in the east, Carden in the north  and Dalrymple in the west have been rural post offices.

Letter to Walter D. Deverell, clerk of Carden from F.L. Weldon February  1937

The Township of Carden was organized as a separate Township by By-Law  #162 of the  United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria passed  in the year 1860. Previous to that time the Township of Carden was joined  to the Township of Eldon.

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