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This from Carden researcher Frances Laver

Lindsay Daily Post June 4, 1925


Toronto Lawyer Secures Large Acreage Under Certain Restrictions

The Township of Longford at the extreme northern boundary of Victoria  County, comprising  of 338,873 acres of land, was sold by auction in Henderson’s  Auction Rooms in Toronto, on May 15th for unpaid taxes of $2, 200 against the property.   The assessed value of the land as given in the municipal statistics  for 1923 was $39,000.  There was only one name on the roll, no  population and no building. Consequently there was no business assessment  or taxable income.

The new owner who is rumored to be a Toronto lawyer, secures this  vast acreage of land with certain restrictions.  The roads and  road allowances are not included in the sale and must remain open. Title  to the navigable  was also withheld.  There was also a clause   to the effect that the rights to all the mines and minerals and the  right to mine were retained by the original owners.

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