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Muriel M Madigan(nee English
Muriel M Madigan(nee English
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    Mike just posted a few new branches to the WARREN family tree.  Thomas Warren  (1833-1916)  and Mary Young Hargrave  had 8 children ,most were not recorded. These were also posted to the Carden- Dalton site, under the HARGRAVE family tree. on the Carden-Dalton
    He also filled in dates of birth/deaths for the Kilby family, part of the McIntosh tree and a few dates for the WYATT family under the Ramsey- Day  tree
      If you see anything you would like updated


Events in Mara & Rama- 1820- to 1840
Timelines and Events for Mara & Rama Townships

1820 – Both Mara and Rama were named by Lieutenant-Governor Sir
Peregrine Maitland. They were townships of York County, North, Home District, Upper Canada.—see ‘Origin of Mara & Rama’ article for more information.

1821 – Part of Mara was surveyed by J.G. Chewitt,—see ‘Irish & Scots- First Surveyor
Gave Up’ article for more information.

1823 – First settler of Mara, Patrick Corrigan, see genealogy site.

1827 – Second settler of Mara, Arthur Kelly, known a ‘Little Kelly’, he
lived until the age of 106. see genealogy site.

1834 –One third of the of Rama (west side), bordering Lake Couchiching,
was surveyed.

1836 – First settler of Rama, was Captain Garnet, he had served in the
British Army, in Spain under Wellington. See ‘County of Ontario- Mara & Rama, Early Settlement’ article
– Robert Ross completed the survey of Mara Township

1837- Local Indians volunteered to aid in the suppression of the rebel
supporters of William Lyon MacKenzie, under the command of Squire McPherson,

1838 –The Indian Village that was formally where Orillia now stands, was
moved to Rama.

1839 –The population of Mara was 211—Captain Allan McPherson
petitioned the Government to open a road to Orillia.


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