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Gloria Burke & Paul CarMichael
Gloria Burke & Paul CarMichael

    1841 to 1860

    1841 – Upper Canada and Lower Canada united to form the Province of
    Canada. Upper Canada (present-day Ontario) became known as Canada West.

    1846- Brown’s Directory of Mara, Home District, lists 100 landholders- see
    the complete listing under – Brown’s 1846 Directory plus for more info on the early settlers read the article ‘The early Highland Settlers of Mara’

    1850- the non-native population of Rama was 8.

    1851- Cenus- due to legislative delays- actual survey was not conducted
    until Jan. 1852.

    1854- Ontario County separated from York and Peel, dissolving the short lived union of
    the counties and erecting Ontario into an independent county, including the united townships of Mara and Rama. It remained in the Home District, Canada West. See the article entitled – Mara-Rama 1858-1907

    1855 – William Unwin, completed the second part of the survey of Rama, to it’s south
    and eastern boundaries.

    1856- Knox Presbyterian Church- Uptergove built- see story ‘Knox Presbyterain-

    1857—First Mara/Rama Catholic Church opens in Uptergrove, see full article ‘St.
    Columbkille’s ‘

    1860- Village of Brechin was founded, by Thomas Foley, it was named after his wife’s
    hometown in Scotland—see article ‘Irish & Scotts in Mara plus ‘Some History of Brechin’


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