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Udney, Ontario

On August 14, 1900, land immediately east of the building where church services were held, was purchased and later that year this church was built on part of lot 10, concession 10, Township of Mara. Eight years later more property was purchased and in 1949 the kitchen and shed were built and a furnace was installed.

The original denominational affiliation, until 1925, was Methodist. Udney was part of the Atherley Circuit, which also included Fairvalley. At an Official Board meeting of the Atherley/Udney Charge on the 7th of February 1933, a union with the Brechin church was discussed. At this meeting, Udney approved the proposed union subject to approval of the congregations and Presbytery, to be effective July 1, 1933.

Over the years Udney church, the congregation and U.C.W. were host to church suppers, garden parties, Sunday school picnics, showers, weddings, and funerals. Sunday school and choir added to the regular Sunday services.

The church was a strong influence on Udney resident Thomas Milton Page. He was ordained in 1965 after graduating from Emmanuel College in Toronto.

The remaining active members of Udney United Church have become part of the congregations of Atherley and Brechin and many of the artefacts and furnishings will find their home there also.


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