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Black River Cemetery, 2790 5th Line, Fawkham, Rama Twp, (now Ramara)

photos of headstones in this cemetery, may be found at Ontario Headstone Photo Project:



IHS/In Memory Of/Theresa ACTON/Wife Of/John Kennedy/Died April 11, 1926/Aged 44 Years/Alphonsus A./Son/Aged 10 Days/FS Baby

IHS/John Bethune/1848-1913/FS-Father

In Memory Of/Daniel A. BETHUNE/1864-1932/Beloved Husband Of/Mary C. KENNEDY/1872-1961/Duncan F. BETHUNE/1915-1957/BETHUNE

IHS/Mary CAMERON/Beloved Wife Of/Donald R. McDONALD/Died/May 7, 1911/Aged 76 Years

ELLIS/ Pomelia LEQUYER/ 1868-1918/ Amazing Grace

In Memory Of/Thomas Dennis FYKE/Died Jan. 7, 1908/Aged 11 Years

In Memory Of/Matthew H. FYKE/April 4, 1869/Oct. 8, 1940/FYKE

HART/Rest In Peace/Elsie E./1898-1954

Julie KAVANAGH (McMILLAN)/ 1923-1963/ lovingly remembered by your eight children.

In Memory Of/John Hugh KENNEDY/1879-1955

In Memory Of/Hugh KENNEDY/Died/April 4, 1903/Aged/65 Years

KENNEDY/Duncan KENNEDY/1842-1910/Beloved Husband Of/Mary McRAE AYMORE/1853-1946/Their Children/Alexander/1874-1955/James/1882-1951/Loretto/1897- 1996

In Memory Of/Albina/Beloved Wife Of/John LaDOUCEUR/Died Jan. 29, 1904/Aged 50 Years

LADOUCEUR/Wilfred Laurier/Aug. 2, 1896-June 7, 1986/Beloved Husband Of/Harriette C. McDONALD/Oct. 8, 1909-June 29, 1986

Delore/LeQUYER/Died 1918

James (LeQUYER)/ 1902- 1925

Joseph (LeQUYER)/ 1859-1944
Bridget (LeQUYER)/ 1859-1946

Leon (LeQUYER)/1826-1906

Rose Ann (LeQUYER) 1884-1944

In Memory Of/Rose LALONDE /Wife Of/Leon’d LeQUYER/Died January 1, 1900/Aged 76 Years/R. LeQ

In Loving Memory Of/Beatrice LeQUYER/Died June 7, 1923/Aged 23 Years/LeQUYER

MacDONALD/Alexander B. MacDONALD/March 6, 1862-July 26, 1956/Beloved Husband Of/Jennett MacDONALD/Feb. 17, 1868-June 6, 1936

Archie B. MacDONALD/May 3, 1894-Dec. 25, 1977

McAULEY/Mother/Frances I. McMILLAN/1897-1975/Father/Edward J./1894-1985

McDONALD/In Loving Memory Of/Angus Donald McDONALD/1864-1949/C. Harriet McMILLAN/His Wife/1867-1909

McDONALD/Donald R. McDONALD/Died Aug.30, 1899/Aged 74 Years/
Sacred To The Memory Of/Alexander A. McDONALD/Died June 9, 1919/Aged 48 years/F.S. Mother

McDONALD/John A. McDONALD/Died 1926/Beloved Husband Of/Margaret WEIR/Died 1928/Their Children/Annie Mae/Died 1930/Baby Hughie/3 years/Alex. A. died 1968

IHS/Requiescant In Pace/Donald J. McDONALD/1840-1924/Hannah MUCKLEWEE/His Wife/1847-1932/Hugh P. McDONALD/1843-1926/Jessie S. McDONALD/1890-1914/McDONALD/

McDONALD/In Loving Memory Of/Irene May KENNEDY/May 12, 1908-May 13, 1977/Beloved Wife Of/Arnold McDONALD/ Dec.. 1, 1902 – Nov. 26, 1944

McDONALD/In Loving Memory Of/Theresa L. KENNEDY/July 10, 1912-July 21, 1979/Beloved Wife Of/D. Gordon McDONALD/Sept. 12, 1906-Sept. 17, 1988

In Loving Memory Of/Daniel A./1865-1953/Jennie (Jane E.)/1878-1961/ their grand daughther Gloria Ann, 1944, aged 5 days/ McDONALD

McDONALD/In Memory Of/Donald Norman/1909-1992/Dear Husband Of/Myrtle C. DAVY/1915-1997


McDONALD/In Loving Memory Of/Mary/1901-1981/Her Beloved Husband/William/1908-1991

McDONALD/Joseph Gerard/May 9, 1936-Feb. 12, 1982/Beloved Son Of/William and Mary/Father Of/Michael, Ian, and Kevin/20 Year Employee Of Ontario Hydro

McDONALD/Gerald Angus/1936-1968/Beloved Son Of/William and Mary/Brother Of/Mary, Rita, Joseph, Basil, and Philip

McMILLAN/ Alexander 1869-1963/beloved husband of/Theresa McDONALD 1874-1943/ their children/ CHARLES 1905-1922/ GERTRUDE 1902-1905/ in loving memory.

In Memory Of/John A. McMILLAN/1866-1958/Beloved Husband Of/Jessie Ann WEIR/1883-1963/Helen McMILLAN/1952-1961/Daughter Of/Alex and Lena/Father/Gram/In Loving Memory

McMILLAN/1914-Duncan- 1988/Beloved Husband Of/1918-Jessie McDONALD- ____/Their Loving Sons/Brian/1952-1986

McMILLAN/In Loving Memory Of/W. Ambrose/May 11, 1909-Aug. 8, 1988/Beloved Husband Of/Veronica CONWAY/Aug. 6, 1911-Mar. 3, 1985/Their Son/Kenneth A./June 18, 1950-July 8, 1978

Daniel J./McMILLAN/Sept. 17, 1902-Nov. 3, 1980

McMILLAN/ Francis L.S. McMILLAN/1919-2001/ Mary F. (DORMODY)/ we shall never see their like again

McMILLAN/Alexander Miles/McMILLAN/July 21, 1905-April 23, 1987/Beloved Husband Of/Lena Theresa Della PASQUA/ jan. 4, 1924 – Dec. 9, 1998/ rest in peace

Michael MURPHY/ Nov. 1, 1839-June 17, 1904/His Wife/Janet BETHUNE/May 24, 1856/April 11, 1914/MURPHY/Killian A./1892-1893/Joseph A./1898-1898

In Memory Of/Mary LADOUCEUR/Wife Of/Alexander ROBINSON/Died/Jan. 19, 1915/Aged 71 years/ROBINSON

Joseph Fraser RUBANT/1932-1988/Beloved Husband Of/Mary ROPER/1936- 2008

WEIR/John A. WEIR/1875-1936/Harriet KENNEDY/1870-1920/Daniel J./1873-1959

In Memory Of/Thos. WOODS/Died March 25, 1901/Aged 67 Years


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